our hope as spoken word poets

is to speak to your heart,

open your mind

and create a space

for genuine connection

and community

Spoken word poets, Flora Lark (left) and Jona Noelle (right), grew up in Nelson County with their mother who taught them the value of creativity and self-reflection.  Her loving and fierce compassionate spirit is evident in their work.  The Tiger sisters began writing poetry in middle school and continued through college where they majored in Gender Studies. In May of 2014, The Fire Tigers' first show "hearts, hands and hugs" became a platform to integrate their love of poetry with their passion for activism.  The Fire Tigers believe that participating in the healing process, through creativity, bodywork and therapy, is an important aspect of activism in daily life.  Given that storytelling is at the heart of their show, the twin Tigers hope to inspire others to share their stories. 

photo by Peane Namsena

Nellabell is The Fire Tigers' beagle lab who is also their artistic advisor for "hearts, hands, and hugs."  Her creative contribution is unveiled in the second half of the show.

Flora Lark with Nellabell

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